Jeet Aerospace offers Flight Simulator Training Courses

Under the aegis of Abhijit Air Safety Foundation Trust, the Jeet Aerospace Institute has launched a unique concept of Flying Orientation Training facility as a vocational training/guidance for all flying aspirants through the purpose-built Flight Simulator. The Simulator is mobile and can be driven and parked anywhere as per the requirements of the trainee groups.

A Flight Simulator acts as the bridge between Ground Training classes and Aircraft Flying Training. It can also prepare you for seeking an Airline job after obtaining the Flying License. For the first time in India, if anyone would like to experience 'flying' a twin-jet aircraft or 'refreshing' their training, a unique opportunity is now made available.

Our exclusive 'Pilot Enter.Trainer One' Flight Training Simulator represents a Standard, Generic, Twin-Jet Aircraft with a modern 'Glass Cockpit', consisting of digital instruments, great visuals and an all-weather flying capabilities for IFR or VFR Flight regimes.

We offer following simulator training courses especially tailored to suit your needs.