Flight Simulator

Flight SimulatorIn the current scenario of rising operational and training costs, airlines and flight training institutes will find the use of this simulator extremely cost competitive. The machine is built indigenously, keeping the cost low and at the same time incorporation of very innovative training modules have enhanced the training value.

Jeet Aerospace's Twin Jet flight Simulator, approved by the DGCA as an FNPT II MCC(Flight Navigation and Procedure Trainer II Multi Crew Copreration), is cleared to conduct pilot training courses.

Orientation and introduction to 'Glass-Cockpit' remains the main focus of training along with value added instrument flying training and practice sessions. With the concept of 'Multi-Pilot' licensing on the Aviation horizon, this kind of facility is already well placed. 'Pilot Enter.Trainer One' Mobile Flight Simulator represents a Twin Jet, Generic, Two pilot cockpit with excellent visuals on a curved screen and full flat panel CRT Displays found in a modern Jet-Airliner, which today's young pilots will be flying.