About Jeet Aerospace Institute

The AASF is making inroads in the areas of education and training to encourage our youth to consider aviation, specifically military aviation, as a promising, adventurous and rewarding career.

It is with this in mind that the foundation has launched the Jeet Aerospace Institute. The Institute will endeavour to garner interest in aviation through the interactive nature of its programmes. Amongst its numerous initiatives is the Flight Simulator being mounted on a mobile platform. The idea behind a fight simulator is to travel with it to various places and get people to experience the thrill and adventure of flying. By exposing and involving a large segment of people, AASF aims to enthuse the youth about considering aviation as a career option and putting right many misconceptions about the profession.

The aviation sector has in recent times been growing at breakneck speed. We believe that we are ideally placed today, which is at the beginning of this curve, to be at the helm of affairs. This is where the institute would come in; by creating a public awareness on the subject of aviation and offering guidance to all. The memorial is the essence of the institute, while the flight simulation activity is the means to attract, make popular, and offer the exhilaration of a flying experience at zero risk.

Flying is a rather peculiar thing. Each one of us has at some point or another in our childhood, nursed a fantasy about flying. The institute offers an interesting way of fulfilling this childhood dream for young and old alike. 'Flight Simulation for All' therefore, remains the motto of the institute. The simulating device allows practically anybody to get inside the cockpit and behind the control wheel of a modern jet and pilot the plane all by themselves. A thrill that would surely entice the most unlikely candidates! A feeling that no home PC flight sim could possibly replicate.

The 'Aviation Career Guidance Counselling Centre' that has been planned we are certain will prove to be very popular among the students who are looking to make careers in military and civil aviation. The institute endeavours to attract people from various walks of life and from different age groups, because the institutes's aim is not limited to becoming a pilot training facility alone; it is also meant as a means of creating awareness in the general public about aviation as such.

The Hangar

The Hangar