Mobile Platform

The reason why aviation is inaccessible to many is because it is a specialised field and people have very little knowledge on the subject. Several misconceptions about career opportunities available in this sphere persist and very little is known about the scope of avionics and the aptitude required for it. Keeping this in mind, AASF has introduced a novel plan to take the excitement of flying to those who may not know of it. Situated at the foothills of Sinhagad, the institute will house the Flight Simulator. The idea is not to wait for people to come to it, but to take it to the people. AASF plans to be proactive and take the simulator to the masses by mounting it on a LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) and touring various parts of the country, including the interiors.

Each one of us must have at one point or another wondered what it would be like to fly. But people often give up the dream of a career in aviation simply because they do not know enough. The mobile platform aims to reach out to people and give them the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of simulated flight.

The vision of the Institute is to demystify aviation and attract genuine talent to it. As a first enterprise, the institute is to ave a mobile platform for the simulator, and get people to be motivated enough to explore the varied opportunities that this vast field has to offer them.