News Flash

(1 May, 2015)

Good news.

This year too, the DGR , ie, Directorate of Resettlement, Min of Defence, has approved 12 seats for Defence Services Pilots ( who are about to be released within a year/retired from Defence Services, even within 3 years post retirement), to apply for the week- long ‘Jet Transition Course”, at Jeet Aerospace Institute in Pune.

There are three courses of 4 officers per course, one course every four months. First course starts 11 May 2015.

Thereafter every four months. 60% fees paid for by the MoD.

The info is on DGR website . The eligible officers will benefit from this very useful course which is also approved and recommended by the DGCA.

The civil flying scenario and the multi-crew multi jet civil airliner cockpit workflow culture is different and the Ex Defence services pilots, in spite of their vast flying experience, find this a steep learning curve.

This course will indeed help them overcome that best. The DGCA has made it mandatory by their CAR issued in 2103.

We have trained almost 300 pilots so far, many from Defence forces too, who have found it very useful.

Please contact

Capt Gadgil on +91 98210 81477, for further information.